Volledige versie: IBANC Updates in IBANC 2.0.22
U bekijkt momenteel een uitgeklede versie van ons materiaal. De volledige versie met bijbehorende opmaak weergeven.
  • Error with payment date has been fixed. It is now possible to set payment date on the present day.
  • Importing SEPA payment reference, this way all information from a SEPA-XML file will be available during and after the import.
  • Empty spaces in a SEPA-XML file will be removed to make sure that banks accept these files more easily.
  • Import of foreign SEPA-XML files. Files from different SEPA countries can be import without problems in IBANC.
  • Improved representation on Mac OS X and Linux. This makes sure that columns will not be too small.
  • Support for proxyservers. The connection with the updateserver will work properly within a company network.
  • Export to PDF (a file can be easily printed)
  • French exportformat updated (IBANC can be used with more French banks)
  • Remote support button added in the Help-menu so that our support team can assist you even better.