Volledige versie: IBANC Updates in IBANC 2.0.36
U bekijkt momenteel een uitgeklede versie van ons materiaal. De volledige versie met bijbehorende opmaak weergeven.
  • Improved BTL91, Ciri and DTAUS import
  • Improved funcionality 'fill in automatically'
  • Linking IBAN to correctly splitted old bank account numbers for all SEPA countries
  • Export formats updated to fit new specifications for Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Belgium and Finland
  • Improved translation of the software(French, Spanish, Italian, Portugese and German)
  • Exporting to a hard drive on Windows will no longer result in a software crash
  • Importing a corrupted Microsoft Excel document will no longer result in a software crash
  • It is now allowed to leave out the BIC for a collection/payment