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IBANC Updates in IBANC 2.0.24
  • Supports HTTPS proxyservers.
  • Exporting a SEPA XML file to a harddrive will no longer cause IBANC to close.
  • Export of batches made by importing a SEPA XML file could cause a crash in the software.
  • More tolerant BTL91 import functions.
  • When choosing a mandate with a collection order the missing information will be taken over.
  • Centralised mandate management (File > Mandates).
  • More tolerant import of SEPA XML files from accounting software.
  • Duplication of batches has been fixed.
  • Incorrect data will be highlighted red instead of yellow.
  • Clearer representation of description/payment reference
  • Possibility to sort on IBAN, name and amount with the PDF Export
  • Possibility to import CIRI VME 128 files
  • Improved DTAUS import functions
  • Possibility to work with Croatian IBAN


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