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How do I change the password of my Online Backups?
You can only change the password for the IBANC Online Backups or Transfer License in the current IBANC installation, on the computer where IBANC is installed. It cannot be modified by us, nor can we see it.

If you forget the password, your online backups will be unusable.

To change your Online Backup password, proceed as follows:
  •     Launch IBANC
  •     Click on "Backups" in the blue menu
  •     Click on "Change password" at the top right
  •     Click the "Advanced" button
  •     Tick "Reset security key" and confirm the warning (old backups cannot be used with the new password)
  •     Set your new password and confirm it
  •     Click "OK" and the new password is set

Please note! You cannot use online backups without this password. We recommend that you store the new Online Backup password properly and securely, for example in a password manager

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