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How do I transfer my IBANC license and data to another user/another computer?
If you have an active IBANC Update Service contract, you can easily transfer IBANC to another PC or user. To do this, follow the steps below:

Transfer IBANC to another PC or user

Use the steps below to transfer the IBANC license, all data and configuration to another computer (running Windows, macOS of Linux).

At your current computer:
  1. Start IBANC, click [Help] and open the tab 'license' and click the button [Transfer license]
  2. Fill in the name and email address of the (possibly new) user
  3. Choose a (possibly new) password of at least 6 characters long.
    • You may be asked for a 'current password', this is the password of the Online Backup service.
    • If that password is unknown, here is explained how to reset the password.
    • You can also enter the same password 3 times, you do not necessarily have to change it.
    • Don't lose this password! Without this password, the license cannot be transferred successfully.
  4. Click on [OK], an online backup of all IBANC data will be made.
  5. The license will be sent by e-mail, the current IBANC installation will be closed and will no longer be usable. Click [YES].

The following information will be sent to the specified email address within 10 minutes:
  • Download location IBANC
  • The IBANC license key and transfer key
  • The password must otherwise be passed on.

At the new computer:
  1. Download IBANC via the link in the email (if not already installed)
  2. Install IBANC and enter the license key.
  3. Enter the transfer key.
  4. Now enter the IBANC password that was created on the old computer in step 3.
  5. After the transfer, IBANC will close.

The transfer has now been successful, start IBANC to continue with the collection on the new computer. This procedure can be performed independently, without our help, several times and takes a maximum of 10 minutes.

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